Bradwell on Sea

St Cedd and St Peters on the Wall – Bradwell on Sea - Essex

This little chapel on the east coast of Essex, was built on the site of an old deserted Roman fort called ‘Othona’, it was constructed on the foundations of the gatehouse to the old fort. Hence the name ‘St Peter’s on the Wall’, indeed some of the surrounding Roman walls have been excavated over the years.  Most likely built of wood to start with, Cedd may have thought that with all the stone from the Roman buildings, a more permanent structure was possible. It may be small and from the outside resembles nothing but a barn, however, once inside you experience that same spiritual atmosphere you always feel in our own Crypt here in Lastingham. Linger on one of the wooden benches and absorbed the wonderfully spiritual atmosphere, and the history of this very ancient place.

There is a pleasant solemnity about the interior of this small chapel.  The beauty is in the empty space and the bare walls. The only decoration is a crucifix high up on the wall behind the altar.  Otherwise, just blank stone walls and stone flag floor, splendid plain oak benches and the beautiful, undressed stone altar. With very little adornment and perhaps just how churches would have been in the 7th century.

The altar was consecrated in 1985 by the Bishop of Chelmsford and the Bishop of Brentwood. The three stones set into the supporting pillar represent the three other communities involved in St Cedd’s ministry. The one on the left is from Lindisfarne, where St Cedd was trained by St Aidan.  The centre one is from Iona, the Celtic mission founded by St Columba and from where St Aidan was sent to Lindisfarne. The stone on the right came from our church here in Lastingham, where Cedd came to build the monastery. His final mission, as he died of the plague here in Lastingham in AD 664.

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