Other Special Services

There are many other special services that you can ask to be held for you and those you love.  Do ask us about them if you think they are what you would like.

Services of Prayer and Dedication after a Civil Marriage

This is a service that you might like to have if you have been married with a civil service (perhaps abroad), but would really like to receive God’s blessing on your marriage.

Thanksgiving for Marriage

This is a service which can include the reaffirming of your marriage vows, perhaps after you have been having a difficult time, or on special anniversaries.

Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child

This is a service which you might want to use instead of a christening. Perhaps you would prefer that your child makes up its own mind when it is able to make those important decisions for itself, perhaps you have adopted a child who is already baptised - but you still want to thank God that the child is a part of your life and family.

 Memorial Services

Services to remember people who have died can be a great help to those who are left behind. Maybe they did not have a funeral (for example, if they left their body for research) or maybe they died a long time ago. Services to remember babies who never made it to birth or were stillborn can also be held and can be of great comfort.  If this would be of help to you and your family please ask us.






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